Are Hoverboards Safe These Days?


Yes! But only a few types. Continue reading if you want to know which Hoverboards are safe to ride and won’t explode.

Back in 2015 everyone and their dog bought a Hoverboard as it was the biggest crazy that year! The craze went uphill until the first explosion happened. Then came series of banning. Airlines wouldn’t let them bring onboard, they were banned from roads and sidewalks. Big name retailers stopped selling certain models and even asked consumers to trash some types they already have received.

But, fear not. A lot has changed past year and Hoverboards are safer now. Before buying another Hoverboard you need to know the following.

Buy Hoverboards with good batteries

Hoverboards use high quality LG or Samsung batteries these days. When considering buying one verify if your hoverboard has a battery made by a reputed company. If you go for LG or Samsung made Lithium ion batteries you can stay worry free as your Hoverboard won’t catch fire.
UL Certified Hoverboards

Check if the Hoverboard is UL certified. UL certification means it’s testing and proven not to explode or catch fire. Previous cheap alternatives had a deadly combination of faulty batteries and bad electronics. Don’t forget just because only a few Hoverboards caught fire doesn’t mean all of the Hoverboards are bad and will catch fire.

In 2016 the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommended that any Hoverboard that is certified UL 2272 compliant is safe to buy.

Don’t buy cheap

Your budget can be low and you’re looking for a cheaper version. I would suggest you to wait before you buy the cheap one. That cheap Hoverboard can damage you more than you can think of. So I suggest you wait, save up some cash and buy the quality UL certified ones. Take a look at this document that lists safe hoverboard for sale at amazon. These are the bestselling Hoverboards on Amazon so you know thousands of customers bought them before you.

Check out if charging port is in good condition and doesn’t spark

Check out the electricity outlet in your home. Old, rusty and faulty electricity outlet can play a major role in terms of damaging your equipment. This is especially true for every other electronic devices in your home. A faulty charging port pretty badly damaged my new 4k TV! Lesson learned hardway!

Hoverboards are safe fun equipment thesedays. You can buy with confidence no problem. Check out the document file and

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