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Backup services provides a useful service in internet, where lost of important Information always possible.

Online data backup Preliminary

The outsourcing of backup offers on the Internet due to the flexibility and additional security. Our own data backup involves a lot of effort and cost. In times of cheap online hard disk space and faster and faster Internet connections, the online backup, an alternative method of data backup has become. In my opinion, is the online backup and online backup in the future, although have fallen for this future, the prices are still strong!

Below I will discuss about the basic facts of Internet data security and discuss online backup services / providers (part 1) and self-built backup solutions (Part 2).
Online Backup Basics

The bottleneck in the online data backup is the Internet connection or the DSL upstream. Already at 256 Kbits / second can be backed up to 200 MByte / hour online using compression. The broadband access offers for the 16 000 Internet backup with one upstream of 1024 kbits / second even the possibility of up to 800 MByte / hour secure. The new VDSL access are bidding far more.

With online backup will make sure the amount of data to be kept as low as possible, ie after a first full backup will save only the changes of the working day, say it will be done on-line incremental backups. Furthermore, it should be limited to relevant data on the important work data.
Security of online backup

The data transmission over the "unsafe" Internet is a source of danger to the online backup. There is a risk that data can be "sniffed". This problem is countered by data encryption. Using encryption intercepted data are virtually useless.
Data encryption should be maintained on the provider, as this prevents access of the data center staff and by third parties.
Important of course, the storage of the key is!
Online data backup provider

When choosing a provider for Web-backup make sure that data center, which software for online data backup is used, and not least the price (the differences are enormous).

Selection criterion RELIABILITY
When Internet data backup is in contrast to local data backup, the question of who get their own data or the company on the hands and how the data is secured from unauthorized access there. For example, some providers are reflected for online data backup of their data centers to each other, so data security is significantly increased. Or the provider Web2Know example, has a former nuclear shelter. The ultimate objective is to pay the no doubt about the professionalism of a provider of online data backup,.
Selection criterion SOFTWARE

The software is purchased by most Web providers to backup externally, ie two different online backup service to use an identical software. In the selection of online backup software is considered depending on the needs to ensure that detailed minutes were written and / or the user is informed via a weekly email about the activities of online data backup, if data can be filtered and particularly the extent to which Online Backup Software can customize. Most importantly, if the online backup software can perform incremental backups at the file level, we call this type of online data backup delta-block analysis. For individuals or small companies without exange server is usually at a new email secure equal the entire Outlook PST file. Instead of a few kilobytes are then quickly adjust to the online data backup a few hundred megabytes more. The same applies bsp space savings. for Word files where only one word was changed.
Online Backup Software works in general, so that installed on the notebook, desktop computer or server is a backup client. The backup client merges with the backup server of the online backup service to backup contact, reduced by compression to back up data set and compares the data to back up the existing data, identify the secured and guaranteed by encryption, the secure transfer the data.
Data protection via encryption is in detail very different. There is the possibility that the encryption key is only on the computer of the backup client, the encryption key remains on the server in encrypted form, or that which is managed by a further encryption software on the backup server. The different ways of dealing with the encryption key is descending as an insecure but simultaneously to call more comfortable. A data backup software, like Microsoft Groove, which works without encryption should only be used on the intranet and not on the Internet.

Some providers of online backup offer interesting additional features.
Comments: The suspensions of a full backup should be standard and are designated as such.

A very interesting feature, which use only a few providers of online backup, the backup client determines the network-wide identical files in different directories and stores it only once.

The incremental online backup is for asymmetric DSL connection as well as the download of data being backed by download no problem, but the first full backup will cause problems for the lead. Some providers offer online backup for data, the possibility of the first full backup (Keywords: off-line backup) on DVDs or an external hard drive to ship.
Various vendors for online backup (no claim to be current with respect to prices)
Dogado Online Backup

Online Backup professionally solved!
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux and OS X.
Note: Especially suitable for backing up servers.
Prices: 9,90 € / month
Web2Know - Web Attached Backup Professional

Web backup per month with a client / 5 GB (50 GB): 100 € (850 €)
Supply fee per backup client: free
Note: Recommendation of the PC Pro 2007
Outback - Online Backup Service

Web backup per month with a client / 5 GB (50 GB): 142 € (445 €)
Supply fee per backup client: 237 €
Note: Software is identical to that of Arvato
NTT Communications - Steady Backup

Web backup per month with a client / 5 GB (50 GB): 25 € (250 €)
Supply fee per backup client: free
Note: Mailbenachrichtung
Arvato systems - arvato Online Backup

Web backup per month with a client / 5 GB (50 GB): 30 € (145 €)
Supply fee per backup client: 59 €
Note: Software is identical to that of Outback; budget recommendation by PC Pro 2007
Inter.net Online Backup

Web backup per month with a client / 5 GB (50 GB): 18 € (179 €)
Supply fee per backup client: 18 €
Note: Recommend at unbeatable and thus for self-employed or small companies, but in performance over the competition.
intrusys - We save your system

Online Backup specifically for businesses
Supported operating systems: Windows, Linux, OS X and Solaris
Note: Backup data protection with backup software CrashPlan Pro
Advantage: Online Backup in geographically separated data centers
Online data backup free of charge!

There are a number of free online backup providers (see Part 2: Data on the Internet for free). I myself most especially Mozy Home (charged, since unlimited space). Contrast, Mozy Home Free offers 2 GB of free storage, boasting a good backup client. The performance, though the servers are located in the U.S. is not bad and I can only say a test is worthwhile! I'll tell you then.