Becoming a Web designer: Guide to learn web design skills


If you are just beginning out you can make excellent websites with just HTML and CSS, but if you want to add interaction to your websites then you will also need to add JavaScript, PHP and a data source like MYSQL to your skillset. The following provides a brief summary of each expertise needed for web development:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML is the terminology of the web and hence you must comprehend it if you want to develop your own websites. A financial commitment in studying HTML is very fulfilling and it will allow you to comprehend much of how the web performs. This is also necessary have expertise if you want to do your own SEO.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the next expertise you should expert. CSS is silent simple once you take time to comprehend how it performs. CSS creates modifying the style used on your websites simple. Moreover, excellent information of CSS will allow you to reduce the variety of design or images you need on a website and it will still look excellent.

Web Graphics

Your website needs to look excellent so you need to have a excellent knowing of web design. If you choose to generate your own make sure that you don’t exaggerate the variety of design on your website and also be cautioned that it’s very attractive to invest too lots of your energy and effort making your design look better than they really need to be. Keep it simple.

In inclusion to the above 3 important abilities one or more of the following will be needed for the more complicated sites:


JavaScript allows you to add what are successfully small applications to you websites. Common uses of JavaScript are to:

  • -interact with users
  • -fancy menus
  • validating customer feedback to forms


The scripting language is used to make highly effective websites. We can describe this most important way via an example:

One usual and very highly effective use of PHP scripting is to customize websites. For example allows say you have a landing web page (explained in item sales procedure section) providing a 100 % free trial of your item. When the customer goes into their name and current e-mail deal with into the type on the landing web page you can have a php script (program) that flows the individuals name and then uses it on any following webpages that they see. When done well this is very amazing to your targeted guest.

PHP is also a useful gizmo to use to communicate with a data source on your website. A simple example would be where you have an account website that needs associates to log in whenever they use the website. The associates’ details are saved in the data source and the sign in web page uses a php system to examine that the details are legitimate.


If your website needs a data source them MySQL is a fantastic choice. WordPress has both PHP and MySQL using facilities, so if you are a WordPress customer any information of MySQL and PHP will come in useful.


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