Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Best carpet cleaner solution

Everyone has his or her own preference when it comes to cleaning their carpets. The preference lays on the considerations on efficiency, safeness and affordability. Browsing from site to site, what dominates as the best carpet cleaner solution is consists of white vinegar, ammonia and water. These three are prevalent materials for cleaning out stains and tidying up all surface area of a rug. Every carpet owner should know the best way to keep a tidy looking floor cover is to clean out any spills as they happen. A carpet cleaning first aid kit on hand will save you more than letting the stain crust on it. This first aid kit consist of ordinary kitchen and other household items, white vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, club soda, lemon juice, nail polish remover (non-oily) and rubbing alcohol. Club soda is the best carpet cleaner solution for immediate removal of soiled spots. The carbonated bubbles penetrate through the threads and lifting the dirt or stain up to the surface. All you have to do is blot it out. Never rub the carpet surface because this will alter the form of the fibers.

For oil based stains such as mascara, wax paste, crayon, furniture polish, hair oil, varnish or ink, the best carpet cleaner solution is a dry cleaning solvent. This is available at any hardware, DIY stores and supermarkets. Blot out as much of the stain as possible with a clean dry light colored cloth or paper towel. Apply the solvent on the stain spot. With a fresh clean cloth, apply warm water by dampening the cloth or paper towel. Blot as much moisture as you can. If stain remains get another cloth or paper, dampen this with a mixture of warm water, mild liquid detergent or dish washing liquid soap. Put on the spot and apply pressure to transfer the soapy mixture and to lift out the dirt as well. Dirt particles are attracted by the soap particles in the dampened cloth. With a spray, apply warm wet water and blot with a clean cloth, repeat this process as long as you feel there is still soap on the stain spot. Last step is to dry out by thoroughly putting on pressure on the soiled spot with a heavy object, preferably non-staining heavy things like glass or ceramic. Leave this overnight or until the area is dry.

The best carpet cleaner solution for blood and food such as ice cream is an ammonia solution. First clean the surface from any solid debris or moisture that can be drawn out with a dry paper towel. Spray some warm water on the spot to dissolve the dirty area, careful not to put on too much water. Then blot out. Clean the area with warm water and liquid soap mix, blot out. Apply a mixture of 2 table spoons of white non-suds ammonia in a quarter liter of water, do not pour directly, using a cloth or paper towel to apply on the surface. Put pressure so the ammonia will seep through the threads, lifting out the stain. Wash again with warm water with soap. Rinse the area with warm water again until the soap mixture is completely gone. Dry with clean cloth and put a heavy object on the spot overnight or until completely dry.

The best carpet cleaning warrington is doing the cleaning as it happens. The quicker you are in cleaning the less likely the stain is absorbed by the threads. For old dirt spots that were not cleaned ahead of time, ask the advice or help of an expert carpet cleaner.


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