Before buying a hoverboard we believe that you must know in depth everything that can offer you each model and know which are the best electric scooters in value for money and those that best fit what you are looking for. So we are going to analyze all our models so that you leave doubts and you decide to make with your favorite.

Hoverboard FW Junior

Buy Hoverboard FW Junior

The FW Junior hoverboard is a suitable model for children. It is true that here what matters most is the weight and not so much the age, but if we consider the power, the degrees of inclination and the minimum and maximum weight of load that this scooter requires, we can destine this model to children of a From 8 years of age weighing more than 20 kg.

This hoverboard features two 6.5 “wheels and 250W engine power. It reaches a speed of 12km / h and its lithium battery allows an autonomy of up to 20km / h. It weighs around about 10kg , for children are comfortable backpacks and bags 6.5 “with handles for storage which are very practical for transportation. This hoverboard comes with front LED lights , supports a minimum load of 20kg and a maximum load of 100kg. Climb slopes with a slope of 20 ° and to fill the battery you have to charge it, like all, for two hours.

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Hoverboard FW F1

Buy Hoverboard FW F1

Unlike the Junior, the FW F1 hoverboard has a higher power of 350W and reaches a maximum slope of 30 degrees to climb slopes. As for the weight, it is a little heavier, about 12kg-14kg , although they physically resemble each other a lot. It supports a minimum weight of 25kg and a maximum of 120kg . It is also equipped with front LED lights, and can be used for 20km with the battery to the limit (2h of charge), without problems.

Hoverboard FW Smart with App

Buy Hoverboard FW Smart with App

With the same physical characteristics as the F1 model, the FW Smart reaches a top speed of 16km / h. In addition, it comes with bluetooth to connect it to the Smartphone through the FreeWheel App . With this App you can regulate various aspects of FreeWheel, such as sensitivity, maximum speed or check the status of the battery , among many other functions.

Hoverboard FW Monster with App

Hoverboard FW Monster with AppTo get on the FW Monster you have to weigh at least 30kg and at most 150kg. It has a motor power of 350W , reaches a speed of 18km / h and travels a distance of up to 20 km without stopping.

It comes equipped with front LED lights and 10 “wheels that allow for greater stability and balance. Climb slopes up to 25 “.

It weighs about 14kg and you can also find 10 “bags / backpacks to protect the hoverboard and carry it comfortably.

Like the Smart model, the Monster has bluetooth connectivity to connect it to the FreeWheel Smartphone application .

More and more users are starting to travel around the city with a hoverboard. It has become the funniest mode of transportation at the moment! Now that you know all the models and their characteristics, buy your hoverboard, avoid traffic jams, pass cars, motorcycles or loads of people in public transportation and join the revolution of ecological urban mobility!

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