What You Need to Know About Call Tracking Lead Software?


Businesses through their marketers are doing everything to significantly increase the leads they generate. To achieve this, they adopt various methods such as display ads to several directories, billboards to popular bus shelters, web searches to blogs and websites, ads to YouTube videos, and others. However, many are clueless which of these marketing strategies are the most effective in lead generation. But with the availability of call tracking lead software, marketers can now have a very clear idea which strategy is helping them increase their leads.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a technology that marketers are using to help them track phone calls. In this way, they are able to measure the conversion rate of the strategy or strategies they use to generate leads. But normally, it is used in advertising models that are pay per call and performance-based. Usually, the technology includes additional analytics such as call routing options and call duration.

How to start tracking calls?

The basic thing you need to do is to assign a certain phone number to any listing or advertisement. The lead software will then measure the effectiveness of the phone numbers. To start tracking calls, you specifically have to include your call tracking numbers to your listings or advertisements. You also have to include a code with a few lines. Then, potential customers will dial the published call-tracking numbers. The software will connect the call so it can record the call data. Using the recorded data, you can now analyze the amount of lead generation and the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising strategy.

How to choose call tracking software?

To choose the call tracking software that best fits your business and its needs, there are eight factors that you have to consider. These are number coverage, dynamic number generation, customization flexibility, integration with third party services, call recordings and transcriptions, uptime and reliability, affordability, and detailed analytics.

The phone numbers you post on advertisements must allow free calls. If there is pay for every call, you can’t expect calls from potential customers. So, when choosing the service provider, make sure that it is offering local or toll free numbers in the areas that your business want to operate. For example, if it is trying to penetrate the international market, then choose the provider that offers toll free phone numbers in the countries you want to reach.

The detailed analytics is another crucial factor because it will allow you to have a concrete idea about the callers and their transactions with your business. The basic analytics should be included in your call tracking solution. These are caller details, call duration, call source, caller location, call time and date, and caller ID. These analytics will allow you to have data about the call patterns, repeat callers information, call duration, and other trends and insights.

With the indispensable uses of call tracking lead software, it is important that businesses and marketers use the right lead software to monitor the lead generation capability of their marketing strategies.

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