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Migrating data from one database to another is a common practice in the life cycle of a database. Sometimes this migration involves other important changes, such as changing the operating system, a modification of the schema and changing relevant applications. Data migration consists of four phases: source data analysis, data extraction and transformation, validation and repair, and load into the intended database or applications.

There are freeware migration tools available to simplify data transfer.

Migrate -Data 1.1

Migrate -Data is a java-based data migration tool. It works with many open source and commercial databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and Informix. With this tool, you can easily extract, transform, load and integrate data from source databases to the target databases. This tool also allows you to perform custom data extraction from the source database. Other features include data migration to target database with different schema from the source database, the ability to change the target table structure, and syntax editing to the target table.

Access-to-MSSQL Converter

This tool is used to convert MS Access database to MS SQL Server and vice versa. To migrate data between databases, simply configure the parameters using the Wizard interface or in the command line mode. A programmer is also provided so that you can run the program without user commands direct by the user. A notable feature of this tool is the ability to filter data during migration. Therefore, users can convert only the filtered data to the target database.
Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA)

SSMA is a Microsoft tool that provides data migration from MySQL to SQL Server and SQL Azure. It runs on Windows Server 2003, 2008 and Windows XP or later. It’s a freeware and you can download it from the Microsoft website. This tool allows you to quickly convert MySQL database schema schema to SQL Server and migrate data between these two databases.

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