Four Security Tips By Locksmith Specialists


To any of the 75 million homeowners in the United States home security is a big issue. Not only do they have a sizable investment that they want to protect in their home, but the average homeowner has in the neighborhood of $50-$75,000 worth of furnishings and fixtures and equipment inside the home. So all told, the average homeowner has close to $300,000 to protect. For most people-like 99% of them-that represents the biggest single investment they have.

To burglars it represents a candy jar filled with goodies that they can’t wait to get their hands on. Home burglary continues to be the number one property crime in the United States. Homeowners don’t do much to stand in the way of burglars getting into their homes when over 30% of all burglaries occur through unlocked doors and windows.

On top of that most of the items that are stolen such as cash, credit cards, jewelry and handguns are found within 10 minutes which is the average amount of time a burglar spends in a house. Homeowners leave those valuables in places that are easy to find. Can you say ‘under a pillow’?

In this article which is present to you by Locksmith Lubbock Tx company are going to discuss four of the most effective ways to secure your home. There are others to be sure but these are time-tested and burglar approved to work as a deterrent.

1. As mentioned, over 30% of all burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. Locking your doors and windows is a big first step in securing your home to prevent burglary.

2. Security cameras have been proven time and again to be a great deterrent to home burglary. But the real security cameras can be expensive. You can achieve the same effect by getting fake security cameras that look so real no one can tell the difference.

3. Get a dog! Well you don’t really need a dog but there’s a motion activated alarm that makes the sound of a growling, barking dog once the protected area is violated.

4. Start or join a neighborhood watch program. It is a free program set up by your local police department. All you have to do is express an interest in it, and they will guide you through the steps to get one going. They have been proven to be a deterrent at discouraging savvy burglars from pilfering your house.

Those are four of the most effective ways to secure your home. Two of them don’t even cost you anything so it can be done on the cheap. What are you waiting for?


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