How To Blur Part Of The Image In Photoshop?

blur image in photoshop

This was just one of the possibilities of using Blur. Another way to make use of it is: using the selection tool, mark the area of ​​the image you want to blur. Then go again on Blur Toll. Now the brush can be passed anywhere on the image, nothing will happen, except for the selected area, which will be blurred. This mode allows you to make mistakes, without the risk of erasing other parts of the picture than those you want. See the application result by blurring only the photographer’s name in the following photo:

Another option is to say that you want to preserve some people’s identity or information about them. For this, just apply a Blur on what you want to protect. If the image has several elements that you want to preserve, there is a way to select and delete all parts at the same time, making the process more agile. Check it:

Step 1 : You can use the selection technique like the one used in the previous photo to blur the photographer’s name, however, by going to the add selection tool (marked by two squares) located in the settings bar at the top of the program, You will be able to create several frames within the image.

Step 2 : Now it’s time to blur the desired elements. If before, when selecting the Blur shortcut you could get the effect by passing the brush in each of the parts, clicking on Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur it is possible to delete all the selected parts in one go.

Step 3 : A new window will open, where you can define a radius to use the blur, from the least intense to the most intense. By clicking “Ok”, all selected areas will be deleted. Need somebody? hire photoshop expert now for your projects.

Using the Traverse Tool

Another way to blur parts of a photo is by using the Polygonal Lasso tool.

1st Pass o: Go to the Taskbar and choose the Polygonal loop tool, as in the image below. With it selected, minutily mark the characters you want to preserve.

Step 2 : After, right click on the image and select Select Inverse. Then go to Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur. Anything outside the selection will be out of focus.

However, as we can see, however careful you take it at the time of the cut, it may not be very accurate.

For best results, follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Create two new layers of the image. To do this press “Cntrl J”. Uncheck the eye next to the first layer. This will prevent it from appearing. Select the second Layer. Then go to Filter, Blur and Gaussian Blur.

Step 2 : After doing this, the entire image will be blurred. Then re-activate the first layer and create a mask by clicking on the third button from the left to the right, located at the bottom of the bar where the layers appear.

Step 3: On the taskbar select the Brush tool and press the “X” key on the keyboard. Now, when you brush over the picture, you are deleting the selected area of ​​the image from above and immediately showing the lower one, which is the one in which the Blur was applied. Increase or decrease the tool with the bracket keys. To give a better finish, enlarge the photo and go touching where necessary. If you miss and end up defacing a part you did not want, just click “X” again and go over the area you want to fix.

These were some tips on how to blur part of an image using the Blur tool. If you have some other way to do the task, tell us in the comments! Leave your description or your video!

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