How To Get Free Android APKs

Since the birth of smartphones we have been able to observe the love / hate relationship of users to the applications of their devices. It is clear that the applications like, and if it is free better, right?

In Android there is a large catalog of free mobile applications also you can check on, even in some cases versions that functionally are equivalent to the payment but without advertisements. Now, do you want to know how to get paid apps without ever dropping a cent / penny legally?

Money mobile

First of all I want to comment that there are enough alternatives to get illegitimate applications (or at least of unreliable origin), many stores of alternative applications to Google Play Store and various ways to install modified APKs to get all the features.

In this article we want to comment on several legitimate ways to get payment applications (with direct cost for the purchase) in a legitimate way and without paying anything at all.

Amazon Underground

The Amazon App Store offered a free payment application for free and was a good starting point for this article. However, it has relatively changed the policy relatively recently, removed that feature and launched Amazon Underground as an alternative.

Daily Promo Apps

In Google Play we have different applications that offer us a free application per day. This process comes after an agreement with the developer to give visibility to your application. We have several Apps of this style with which we will opt for payment apps without any cost. We leave you with a list of them, although surely you know some more:

AppGratis.- A simple application in which we only have to log in daily to see a payment application without cost.

App of the day.- This application about free applications or with succulent discount

FreeApp.- Assortment of applications and games of payment, free of charge, with daily renewal.

Since there are quite a few apps on Google Play, do you know any interesting alternatives? We have to mention that with these applications as well as with the Amazon Underground applications are downloaded packaged in APK format and we will have to have the box unknown sources from Settings -> Security on our smartphone to install them.

Free or almost free apps on Google Play

And to finish, we just want to record the offers we have in the official Google store. Week by week we see applications and games with very interesting discounts that leave the applications in 10 cents (if not free), in the “Offer of the week”, a section within each category.

The other day we saw how Nova Prime (more than 5 euros) had a price of 10 cents, this week, the game offer is The Room 2 with a price of 0.10 euros. If we enter the section of applications OsmAnd + Maps and Navigation, also to 0.10 euros.

And as a bonus, as we also commented that in the section Entertainment (books, movies and music) Google Play is also some free content, currently the documentary Human (video), Santa Claus is coming to town Michael BublĂ© or books as For example the first book in the saga Diary of a Vampire of Morgan Rice and much more in the category “Begin your library”.

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