Need To Get Fast Mac, iPad Or iPhone Repair In Miami?

Miami iPhone repair

Where do you go to fix iPhone 4s or iPhone 5/6/7s screen? What do you do with a broken iPad screen or iPod Touch? What if you spilled liquid on your Mac Laptop keyboard?

Don’t worry, we are here to help! Get your broken Apple device repair at one of FixAppleNow repair stores!


If you live in Miami, Florida bring in your iPhone 5, 5s, 4, 4s, for same day iPhone repair. We fix cracked iPhone screen, lcd, replace battery, home button, sleep button, iPhone water damage and more. Our experienced technician will diagnose the problem & perform the iPhone repair only approved by you. Most popular repairs include Touch Screen / LCD Replacement, Cracked Back Cover Replacement, Dock Connector / Microphone Replacement, Battery Replacement, Home Button Repair, Earpiece & Loud Speaker Repairs, Water Damage


We repair any generation iPod Touch, iPod Video, iPod Nano, Classic. Our expert technicians can fix your broken iPod Touch 4 screen in 1 hour. As well as replace weak battery, stuck home button, bad audio jack, volume buttons & more.


We offer reliable tablet repair services for the iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & 4 with Retina, and the new iPad Mini. Services include front glass screen replacement, and LCD Replacement as well as headphone, charging port repair, battery , stuck volume button, stuck power button and software-related issues, as well as jailbreak.

Visit Now: Miami iPhone repair to get your iphone repaired by certified professionals

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