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Search engine marketing is a fundamental tool today: about 90% of people use search engines to find what they are looking for, and 50% of people who consult about a product or service end up buying it. And SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your cornerstone.

While in theory it may sound simple, web positioning is a complex task and subject to constant change. The most popular search engines continually modify their algorithms, share information and develop new products. And the competition for being in the best position in relation to a product or service can become fierce.

What Omaha SEO Offers?

  • Planning the architecture of the web so that it is accessible to search engines.
  • Analysis of target keywords and their distribution.
  • Search engine positioning audit for desired keywords.
  • Popularity analysis and inbound links.
  • Situation with respect to competitors and SEO analysis.
  • Web site analysis: Structure, Texts, Internal links, Navigation maps, Titles selection, Meta tags, Semantic tags, Alternative text of images, scripts and objects.
  • Recommendations for changes in site structure, URL strategy, writing of texts and goals.
  • Generation of files for Google Site Maps and Yahoo Sites.
  • Strategies for capturing incoming links: link building and link baiting.
  • Monthly evaluation and control of results.

In Omaha SEO we developed an initial analysis of the situation of the project, to later offer an SEO solution tailored to the specific needs of your website and your business

The company offers a quality SEO solution, generating value to our clients and involving us from the first moment with the goals and goals of your business. We optimize your website so search engines index (track, store and retrieve) all web pages, and achieve search engine optimization for optimized terms.

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