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Are you looking for a car with a small budget so that you can save money for a new house? Or are you going to gift a car to your son on his 18th birthday but don’t want to risk a lot of money with a teenage guy? Here is the solution if you are facing any of these problems. You can opt for buying a used car. There can be a number of benefits of leasing the old cars but you need to make sure that you are paying the right price for the car you are buying. This article takes you through a number of important features that you must analyze before making a purchase decision for the used car.

Physical Condition:

You must be considering it as the most obvious feature to look at, but believe me, it is the trickiest part. The car you are buying could be repainted or repaired many times but you could feel that it is still new from its outlook. So, you must evaluate the outer condition of the car, if it looks like recently painted or still shining, you must raise concerns on its performance as it would be a result of an accident, in most cases.

Mileage Tempering:

You won’t like to pay much for a car which actually has high mileage but its meter is showing a few thousand kilometers.  In order to be sure that the mileage shown by the meter is genuine and it has not been tampered with, compare the mileage with other signs of wear and tear to ensure that you have been informed about the actual statistics for charging you a higher price.

Condition of the tires:

Another feature that should be observed fully before making a leasing decision for a used car is the condition of the tires. If the condition is really rough, you’ll have to bear an immediate extra cost for getting them changed because you won’t risk your life or the life of your family members. So, if you feel that the tires are not good enough, you should negotiate the price of the car then and there.

Engine of the car:

Leasing an old car won’t bring you the car in the best condition but engine performance should be adequate enough to meet your needs. To ensure it, you can ask the owner for a test drive. Moreover, it is important that you get the car started by yourself for two to three times and ensure that the engine is in the cold state when doing so. This is important because you won’t want your car to be pushed every time to get it started.

Maintenance History:

The claim for maintenance of the car must not be accepted without any evidence. The papers for the car along with the service history must be checked to analyze the existing condition of the car and its’ previous service history.

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