Top 5 girl’s games you can never ignore


Online games have the greatest growing market on the internet. Today it has many fans that play them regularly and enjoy most of their time in the virtual world of online gaming. Online games are created using flash or a Java technology that is why, they are also called flash games. The best advantages of these games are that they load quickly even with the slowest internet connections. In the list bellow there are the 5 top girls games that you can never ignore:

Barbie games:

Barbie games are the biggest fascination for kids in particular girls. This category has many games such as puzzle, farming, dressing makeup and escape games around Barbie. Barbie games are popular among the people for two main reasons first their high quality and second the famous doll girl. Girls play these games whenever they get time and enjoy.

Farm frenzy pizza party:

It is series of downloadable online games that resolves around a farm life. This series has 4 games till now. In this game you’re a farmer and you have to grow different vegetables and feed your farm animal. These animals will produce milk and eggs that you can sell in the market also you can produce egg powder, yogurt and cheese. Sell these items in the market and earn points.

Hidden letter and number games:

This an education game for little cute girls in this game girls and boys can learn about different numbers and alphabetical letters with the help of this game. In this game your task is to find hidden letters or numbers in the picture by using a magnifier. For those Kids who face difficulty in learning about numbers and letter this game can be very helpful and can help them to learn these number and letters and become familiar to them.

Shopping games:

Every girl in the world is a fan of shopping and she wants to buy new clothes, jewelries and many other amazing gifts for them self’s. Online shopping game is also more like real life in this game you will be offered  with an handsome amount of money, you have to shop that money in as soon as possible and take advantage of that limited time offer. After the shopping you have to dress wear the stuff that you have shopped from the market.

Make up games girls love to alter their look and by applying different types of makeup items on their face. Make games give them the opportunity to apply different types of makeup on their face and alter their look You can also find more games by vising oceans games website and enjoy playing them all day 🙂

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