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It is justified to say that technology has made us weak in many prospects of life. With such a fast growing gadget industry nothing looks difficult to achieve. Enjoying the luxuries of modern tech nothing looks far and with ongoing challenges in our life, the gadgets and science is the only side left for us.  For a considerable period of time, the technology was looked as a threat to our mental and physical health. Now things are changing and so is the reputation of modern gadgets which are proving their worth by helping us to upgrade our health status. Mobile phones are the only gadget to stay with us 24/7. The present smart phones have not only integrated the important features to carry out our essentially needed task but are also equipped with gimmicks to check and improve our health status. The sensors on these smart phones monitor your all day activity and then suggest you with the needed actions.

The tech help is not limited to mobile phones but it goes beyond that. Smart wearables also read your body actions and then calculate favourable results. The culture of smart gadgets bought a revolution in the society where tech is not only for enjoyment but also for the health benefits.  Today you can keep yourself healthy and fit while being close to these smart gadgets.

Here we are sharing the list of the best apps which are developed with the intention to keep our mind and body stable for better performance.

10 Top Running Apps

These apps monitor your running speed and distance covered. It also measures the amount of calorie burnt. Every time you are up for some moving action the app will plan the best possible map route for you. These apps control all the aspects of your fitness and health.

  • Runkeeper android/ios app

It is the most popular running app and is the serious companion for running freaks. The app is installed on any smart device which is running on Android and iOS. It supports your running abilities and with detailed stats it delivers, helps you in increasing your running time. The app checks all the basic information’s like the distance covered and running speed. App also gives you the best speed stats on weeks and months so that you can compare and push yourself for more action.

  • Run with Map My Run android/ios app

The app shows its peculiarities on the running tracks and is used by the athletes preparing for races. The app works like a speedometer of a vehicle and updates your running speed dynamically at every instant. Unlike the other running apps the Map My Run has a lot of other premium gimmicks to offer. Other than keeping your running stats the app also has a window where you can compare your previous runs. The app goes smooth with all the smart wears and it’s easy to use interface makes it best for the beginners. The app supports features like nutrition assessment, and heart rate mapping. It also removes adds and is accessible on both android and iOS platforms.

  • Runtastic android/ios app

Designed to use the GPS system of your smart phone the app maps your running route and provides you an accurate distance of running and plans your fitness schedule for weeks and months. The app tracks your progress and updates all your achievements in the records. For those people who are preparing for any big running event will enjoy its fast planning and scheduling feature which calculates your strengths and weaknesses and then provides you a blue print of necessary actions to be taken. These include nutrition and lifestyle tips. The app runs smoothly on both the major smart phone platforms that are Android and iOS. The app is totally is free for use and one should enjoy include this amazing app is their daily running.

  • UP by Jawbone android/ios app

The app by Jawbone is surely a master class design which incorporates every feature that one would need to acquire optimum health and fitness. The UP app has taken the level of running apps to a whole new level. The app records every step taken by you, so if you ever feel fancy about how much steps you have taken in the whole day, you can rely on this amazing app to count it for you. The app records the intensity of your workout and monitors your heart rate for precise future planning. The app makes use of the built-in sensors of your smart phone device and gives you the detail of total calories burnt in a day. The app is of great use for the expert runners and the way it integrates the facilities of a running app with free nutrition advisor, makes it a must have app. The app is available on android as well as iOS.

  • Pumatrac android/ios app

Pumatrac moves along with you and keeps you updated with your current progress. The best thing about this app is its tracker which is a multi-functional utility, and tracks many running elements like, distance travelled, average speed, best speed and calories burnt. The app intelligently defines the track for your running and with Voice advice feature it notifies you of every new occurrence. On the basis of running stats the app plans a nutritional diet chart, which is constantly updated according to your progress. You can easily use this app on your android and iOS device.

  • Nike + Running android/ios app

Nike has been into running business for long and understands the need of people better than any other brand. The peculiarities of the app cover all the basic functions of any standard running app. The app keeps the records of distance covered, average speed and calories burnt.  If you are serious about your fitness and health then this app will be your perfect companion and will help you in getting the beast out of you. The app has voice instruction feature so if you are tired enough to read the results of your run, you can listen all your stats. The app updates you with your daily nutritional needs. it is easily compatible with smart wears and checks your heart beats to plan and nerve rates to calculates and map the running  routes. The app is totally free for use and is available on Android and iOS.

  • Couch-to-5K android/ios app

This super cute running app is everything you want. The app has a clean and easy to use interface and holds every gimmick you will require in your running schedule. The app believes in weekly targets and updates the running chart on weekly basis. Whether you are running on a track or on a tread mill, the app covers your stats like a magic. The voice instructor service in the app notifies you for the necessary improvements and suggests the best possible nutrient chart. The app updates your progress on a weekly basis, so you will always have an excitement of knowing the progress you made in the week.  The app has 4 coaches to choose from. All these coaches have their certain fields in which they train you for the up gradations. The app believes in pulling people from their couch to running tracks. It is one of those apps which are surely changing the way people use to feel about running. You can download this app on your android and iOS device for free.

  • iSmoothRun Pro android/ios app

Unlike most other running apps, iSmoothRun Pro is a premium stage for developing running skills of any athlete.  The app controls the stats of your smart device and uses the sensors to manage running plans. The app works smooth on android and iOS platforms. The app records your total distance travelled and the calories burnt. It is a perfect solution for every beginner who is looking to start with running. The app is totally free and removes unnecessary ads.

  • Zombies Run android/ios app

The app takes your running experience to the world of gaming. The idea is to make zombies run behind you, so that you can increase your potential of running. Zombies Run gamifies your everyday running schedule. You will be chasing Zombies to their death and put every bit of your effort to over achieve your own records. The app has gain huge success amongst the young bloods and is popular among the teenagers. It is a complete package for running, and is like a professional coach. The app trains you for increasing your stamina and fitness. It is available for free and one can enjoy it on iOS and android phones.

  • Strava Running and Cycling android/ios app

Are you fond of running or heavy cycling? If you are one of those people who is more into this outside world stuff rather than boring indoor games. This app will prove to be your best friend. It will calculate the speed of you cycling and will also tell you the total distance covered in a day. Strava running is an app for the professional runners who live to chase their dreams. It has all the important peculiarities which makes it one of the best app in its category

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