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Virtual Office Chicago

In America today, virtual business chicago adress is growing to the extent that most business owners do not worry about long term leasing agreement that always gulp more capital.

What is virtual office address? virtual office chicago address or virtual business address is a physical  mailing address as to which one can hire both on long term or short term but always come with some flexibility in its use, it always tell how your business looks. Fulfilling the adage that says “First impression last longer”. They always come on with add on; good environment, co-workers and receptionist that handle your company calls on your behalf.

We have taken our time to study and find 10 leading company in United State that are into virtual office address and their corresponding Pros: and Cons: and we decided to share the piece with you so that you can pick on the best among all. Please come along with me.


When we talk about modern day facilities and tech in the virtual office chicago business, Regus cannot be underrated. They provide services in various capacity, ranging from store provision, Offices, Virtual offices, Business lounge and what have you. In their services, little details is not trivial. As founded several decades ago, Regus Consider short time user of office for as less as two hours users, even if that’s their client budget. They have more than 3000 outlets, spreading over 900 locations in 120 countries. Have an appointment with them then consider your business done with their live receptionist answering your calls in your company name.


  • Rent as small as one man space office
  • Receptionist, admin and internet services
  • Short or Long term, you are the choice
  • Quick and easy, you can book online
  • Provision for Video Conferencing
  • High security with Installation of CCTV in all offices in use
  • Close Monitoring of all activity going within and outside the premises


  • No mailing service either personal or corporate
  • Almost recognise their client as Individual
  • Not spread to less business district centre
  • Expensive as different cost of different service provides.
  • No voicemail service and its natural conversion (Voice mail to email)

PRICING: No fixed Price, it all depend on services to provide, location etc. the least is renting a conference room for one hour, in Manhattan, cost $82.20.


Opus virtual Office have about 500 different location in United State alone, they have been in virtual office business due to the fact that they recognized virtual as a real perfect solution to new business owner’s challenges. They provide tools to get ahead at the height of competition.  Opus as the name goes has an excellent features that provides all what professional business requires that are bound on business. Their virtual office has Program has been recognized by business giant in the US as they were named to be TOP EXECUTIVE OFFICE CENTRE in one of the trade journals.


  • Long term Benefit is promoted and benefited
  • Longer relationship in business intentions
  • All office services packed in with a fixed price
  • Good customer support during and after booking
  • Magnificent mailing service that helps customers not to miss any information or Packages
  • Large corporate benefit than individual thing, assisting corporate image
  • Good Customer review of their services


  • Limited to US alone no expansion to other country
  • Limited to Business Office provision alone
  • No Meeting or Boardroom service
  • No store or Warehouse service

PRICING: All office services is fixed for $99/month.


Mail Forwarding provides new way of handling paper mail. They are unique in the area of expertise. Their customer uses their mail box by which all paper mail belonging to their customers will first arrived to their hand. Wherever, their customer is within the globe, they will be contacted through the phone or email. In short, everything that happened next between them will be done mostly electronically.  They manage paper mail like email, scan the front envelope for their customers to see and give instructions whether to open or not where further directive will be given as to how the document will get to the owner.


  • Good Paper mail Handling
  • Help in Paper recycling
  • Customers can receive all paper mail online
  • Lessen the burden of urgent paper mail, since it will be handle by another agent
  • Less burden of going in to Post Office


  • Longer period of Process
  • Communication and Understanding must be cordial
  • Exposure of private business mail to an outsider
  • Virtual keeping of paper mail through electronics

PRICING: $14.95/month


They are virtual business address service provider that are distinct in their style. The have unique colour ox-blood red and are dedicated to service. They provide large office space for entrepreneur, small business and small professional as well as large businesses. Although, we know in business, there are circumstance whereby there won’t any substitute for meeting in person? Meeting in a good business says all about your business, this is kind of services Davinci provides.  They are in 30 countries, in 50 states and 1000 outlets. Live receptionist to answer your calls, professional conference rooms, offices and work space that meet every business needs.


  • Complete Office Solution to all range of Businesses
  • Wide range of type of Offices
  • Long or short term Uses
  • Covers most states in the United State
  • Provision of Both Auto and Live receptionist
  • Online booking availability
  • Corporate service Oriented
  • Live web chat


  • Limited to United State
  • Limited to Offices and meeting room
  • No Board room and store services
  • No individual class
  • Expensive
  • PRICING: No fixed Price


Servcorp is a virtual office chicago provider that is globally recognised and accepted. If anybody is looking for expansion in his/her business, “the executive suite” of the servcorp is readily available to suit your style. You are being relief of expense of risk of long term lease and capital expenditure. For entrepreneur and business owner do have virtual office with a standby live receptionist and the merit of co-working in partnership.

They are also provide with Meeting room or Boardroom for the customers, stating the number of associate in attendance. They are unique in style with the provision of staff readily available to you, when you are in deem need of using them


  • Complete Business solutions
  • Provision of Tech and Other Internet service
  • High security with Installation of CCTV
  • Most of their location are in good business environment
  • High standard fittings and interior
  • Wide range and Covers all the continent


  • Very Expensive
  • No store Facilities
  • Lack Flexibility of payment plan

PRICING: Virtual Office: $88/ month, $750/Month with co-worker


In the heart of Washington, there exist an office provider named OSI. They have been in existence for over 30years with records of improvement in service provision till date. OSI has pride to be the best and most efficient in office suite with evidence of perfect blend of temporary, virtual and shared office supporting service one needed to assist in starting, grow and maintain ones business. They are flexible, due to the fact that they agree to Month to Month terms as needed with no penalty and moreover, there is combine plans so meet varying and evolving need of any individual.


  • High Flexibility
  • Standard Provision
  • Location in Good Business Environment
  • Co-worker Availability


  • Limited to Washington DC
  • NO expansion
  • Highly Demanding Office
  • Expensive

PRICING: Office Demand $30/Month, Cubicle from $450 and other Offices from $700


They are like Mail Box Forwarding whose their main objective is to receive paper mail on behalf of their customers. Unlike Mail Box Forwarding, they process their customer’s mail in case where the mail happened to be cheque. In fact they focus more into financial process and get all hassles done for you, regardless whether you are around or travel. Their service is just in three steps; one, Sign up with them, an authority to receive your mails on your behalf. Two, Instruct them what to do with the paper mail and three the job is done! The have a secure 256-bit encryption that keep your data safe as what you can think of.


  • Physical Address for your business
  • Scanned copy of your Paper Mail
  • No Hassles, well process
  • Checking both Postal and E mail at the same Time
  • Deposit and Process Checks
  • Easy Shipping of Mail to anywhere


  • No office issue
  • Very Expensive
  • Documents exposure

PRICING: $99/month


NYC Virtual Office is a mail receiving and forwarding company where their customers sign up with them and enter into a business plan with them. Their customers both personal and business usually remove the hassle of paper mail or email turning it to them for management. For paper mails, you can have it forwarded to anywhere you are with some postage charge, even if it has to be forwarded with registered mail. For the conveniences of their customers, they offer quite number of forwarding option, either weekly or Monthly. For international customers with large volume, they forward their mail through USPS or with low volume user they use normal postal service.


  • Easy Forward of Costumer’s Mail
  • Checking Both Paper Mail and Email at the same time


  • Virtual Office not in service

PRICING: Lowest is $30 per Month.


Mid-Atlantic office was founded in 1982 with two locations in Maryland USA. The offices are affordable and are top notch in its furnishing. They provides professional business support to entrepreneur and companies in all stages of business growth, from start up to an established business corporate headquarter.

With mid-Atlantic, you can move in as soon as payment is made, meanwhile, all their offices are well furnished and equipped to provide turn-key solution to get any business up and running as soon as possible at highly competitive rate.

It is the mission of Mid-Atlantic that, every customer get best value for every dollar spent on their office.


  • Good Service to Customer
  • High competitive rate
  • Flexibility
  • Best Value for Money


  • Expensive
  • No Networking
  • No Mailing service



Graph card are internet payment medium which was established in 2004. They allow internet users around the world to spend cash online as they are projecting about 750 million world market. They are payment gateways that allow both digital and physical way of exchange widely between the Merchant and Vendors.

Their payment site was designed to provide the best secure measure so as to reduce fraud. They are medium in which Consumers fund their account with cash and when need arise they initiate payment to their respective Merchant to s secure means. They provide cost effective solution to small and medium enterprises.


  • Virtual Mail Box for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • USA Issued Visa Card as Gift
  • Dedicated Phone extension that receive messages
  • Dedicated Team handling phone and email professionally
  • Received and sign Mail on your behalf
  • Cost effectiveness and Very Cheap.
  • Globally Accepted


  • Virtual Transaction
  • More of Online Transaction.

Pricing: From $4.99

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