“What Is My IP” Top Queries Answered


1. Question: What is My Ip Address?

Answer: IP Address Means Internet Protocol. IP Address generated the Unique number assigned to the computer across all the persons in the world who are using Internet. In simple words you could it is a way to present one self overe the internet or best definition could be the your Unique identity over the Address.

2. Question: What is Public IP Address?

Answer: Public IP Address means it the internet connection of your Computer Unique identity Number and anyone could see you IP Address. It is visible to all.

3. Question: How could I Check My IP Address?

Answer: It is very simple just type www.whatismyips.com and you will know your IP Address

4. Question: Does My IP Address changes continuously or it is permanent?

Answer: Across the globe basically 99% of the internet connect is of temporary in nature i.e. when the person wants to get connected over the internet, simply on the Modem and get connected. Every time when Modem is switched off and switched on a New IP Address is generated. Basically there is a pool of IP Address provided by the Internet Connection Provider. It picks that IP Address Randomly which is available at the moment.
But there are Permanent IP Address as well and basically for opting Permanent IP Address you are required to extra money to the Internet Service Provider as you are booking that IP Address purely for your own purpose. Only Colleges, Schoold, Organisations and Hosting Service Provider uses this Facility.

5. Question: Does IP Address tell about the Country?

Answer: Yes, IP Address tells about the country not only but also your city name For Example so here 91 is the name of the Country and like that it tell upto your city name.

6. Question: Could I Hide my Ip Address?

Answer: Yes, you could hide your IP address by using the Proxy. Lots of proxies are available which you get by simply searching over the internet. By using the Proxy and when you want to know your ip address it shows the address of the Proxy website or server.

7. Question: Could I change My Ip Address?

Answer: Yes, you could change your IP Address by simply switching on and off your Router.

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8. Question: What is Private Address?

Answer: Private IP Address is address space allocated by the InterNIC so that they could create their own Private Network. There are three IP Blocks i.e. CLass A, Class B and Class C solely reserved for the private use.

9. Question: What is Meaning of IP Address?

Answer: IP Address Means Internet Protocol and it is a 32 Bit Number and we are using Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) as of till date. It is already proposed long back to use Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) which is having 128 bit number.

10. Question: Examples of IPv4 and IPv6?

Answer: (IPv4), and 2021:db8:0:1254:0:577:8:1 (IPv6).

Question: What is meaning of Virtual IP Addrress?

Answer: Virtual IP Address means not the Actual IP Address

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