What is VOIP?


VOIP (voice over internet protocol) It is a technology that allows calls to be made over the internet or an IT Network. It is also know as Cloud IP Telephony. Many business applications are now on the cloud. So, Why not? move your phone to the cloud?

For traditional phone systems, you will require a things number of things

  • A phone line
  • A phone system
  • Phone maintenance contract
  • Paid for software upgrades
  • Additional Relocation Costs,
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Could be charged for internal calls
  • Lot’s of Suppliers to contact if something was to go wrong! All this can be..
  • Time consuming
  • Costly

VOIP Benefits

  • Low Capital Expenditure And Less Capital Outlay
  • Productivity Enhancing Features
  • Easy To Administer
  • Ideal For A Remote Work Force

So VOIP is simpler, easier to manage, lower cost.

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