Why Buy Printer Cartridges Online?

Why Buy Printer Cartridges Online

Have you ever wonder why printers are getting cheaper and some retailers are even offering printers for free? Reasons are pretty simple and logic easy to understand. The profit margins from selling a printer is getting thinner with competition and the introduction of cheaper “Made in China” brands. Gone were the days where you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get yourself a decent home use or office use printers.

Manufacturers instead are looking at gaining profits through the sale of printer supplies which their customers would need to buy when they are already using their printers! Or so they thought consumers have no other alternatives but to keep buying printer cartridges from the brand. That way, they will keep getting revenue as long as you keep buying their supplies. The more printers they offer (some even for free), the more people who will buy printer cartridges and the more revenue they will generate.

Right. So you have gotten yourself the best deal and a (free) printer. Now where to get your supplies from? Many choose to get them from their nearest mall and increasingly, even more are getting their supplies online. If you are new to buying from online retailer, you gotta read on to find out what are the benefits for doing so:

1) Cost. Cost is Everything! Why would you buy the same product at a higher price when you know you can get it at an even cheaper price? Getting your supplies online allow the retailers to pass on their savings (from the lower operating costs) to you. The reason they can do so is because they are eliminating the need to pay for the salesperson, cashier, stockist or even the cleaners whom you see in a typical shopping mall. More importantly, to retain loyal customers, some are even offering regular savings or promo coupons to keep attracting you to be their repeat customers. 4inkjets is one great example!

2) Convenience. How often you realized that you have ran out of supplies and would need to make a trip down to your “nearest” mall to stock up your cartridges? Some would even need to memorize the model of the printers which you are using and the type of cartridges you need to get. Getting yourself stressed out and by the time you reach the mall, chances are you might have already forgotten which one to get.

Getting your supplies online allow you to check the model of printers you are using easily. Not to worry that you might not remember your printer model (It might already be sitting next to your PC). Not sure if you are getting the right supplies or if a certain OEM / remanufactured brand is reliable? Do a check, cross reference to other customers’ reviews before you make your purchase decision. You never shop alone and you wont have to be stressed out over getting the right cartridges. Online retailers like 4inkjets are even offering quality and satisfaction guarantee for up to 1 year and if you are not satisfied with your purchase, 4inkjets even allows you to return for replacement or return. How’s that?

3) Variety. With up to hundreds of brands and models of cartridges made available at your finger (mouse) tips, you will sure be spoilt for choice. Never mind if you have more than 1 printer to stock up your supplies, online retailers like 4inkjets offers you the widest range of ink supplies! Be it original, re-manufactured or OEM, whatever your requirement is, chances are they have it all.

So are you convinced already? Change the way you get your supplies if you have yet to do so. Once you start, you will probably think why you did not start getting your supplies online earlier.

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